Carine Brancowitz

Carine Brancowitz 選擇一個簡單和最小的繪圖工具,圓珠筆 biro ,創作結合青少年們的焦慮、純真與熱情的插畫系列作品。
It’s within the limits imposed by the choice of a simple and minimal tool (biro) that Carine Brancowitz drawings take shape.The result is a series of works that combine the purity and passion of adolescent anxiety,
an obsessive attention to detail, the uncluttered elegance of lines, the severity of the compositions…
編譯 ︱Sami Liu
{La nuit du doute: 120X80cm on paper}
{Le Centre de l’Univers: 60X50cm on paper}
{Ciao papa: 120X80cm on paper}
{La Nouvelle Athènes: 101×76 cm on paper}
{diptyquos: 2 X 65X50cm on paper}
{I saw John Maus Live: 60X50cm on paper}
{Là su per le montagne: 60X50cm on paper}



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